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Are you Ready? Lennox Uses Art to Community Efficiency, Intelligent, and Quiet

11:30 PM

There's is nothing worse than being too hot or too cold in your own home. That's why your home's HVAC system is one of the most important choices you'll make as a homeowner.  And if your home didn't come with something special -- or, you're due for an upgrade -- it never hurts to look at some of the most efficient options on the market.

Lennox's Ultimate Comfort System™ may be the most advanced, most efficient, most capable heating and air-conditioning system ever created.  It combines all the good stuff about heating and cooling into one revolutionary unit.  So you can install it and know that your home -- the place you value most -- is set for a worry-free day or night of blissful temps.

Some would say it's actually inspiring.  In fact, it's actually the muse behind such amazing art murals as the one shown below:

Take another look at the artists behind what Lennox wants to communicate.  The "Dragon" actually represents something powerful (the ultimate in heating and cooling power), but it surprisingly is very quiet, efficient, and can relieve you of the kind of utility bills that come with a clunky, out-of-date, or unsophisticated unit.  In short, it's kinda exciting!

Lennox makes the most energy-efficient system you can find. Which means the appliance you use the most will also save you the most.  It is also the quietest system on the market, which is perfect, because even though it’s the most powerful force in your home, it won’t sound like it is.

Because they have been handling the heating cooling business for over 100 years, its the best-known brand of HVAC in my part of the world.  Most dealers around here offer Lennox; I'm sure you could find a dealer where you live, too!

Wanna Know More? You can learn more about the spirit of efficiency, intelligence, and quietness that Lennox offers in its new system at the Lennox website, and its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Wanna Save?  Get up to $1,700 off qualifying systems, now through June 12th!

*I'm so happy to partner with Lennox (a trusted name in HVAC) and Sverve to share this new technology and savings offer. Opinions are my own.  

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  1. Love love love t he art used for this HVAC system!

  2. Lennox has so many fabulous systems to offer... I love they way they partnered with the art world!

  3. That is such a cool video. I love how the art illustrates their message!

  4. I'm totally captivated by the videos! It's such an effective collaboration between Lennox and the art community. When Lennox brought in these talented artists, the message becomes so clear and on point.

  5. The dragon mural is just outstanding!

  6. Lennox is such a well respected company. Love them!

  7. I love how their art is so beautiful, yet gets the message across!

  8. We should have gotten Lennox the last time we updated our HVAC.

  9. That video is amazing! I checked out the video on how they made that ad. SO COOL!

  10. The dragon mural looks great -- that would be nice if more homes had beautiful murals on them!