Easy Sweet-Tooth Tamer Recipe: Fried Donuts!

Do you ever get that overwhelming urge to eat a homemade fried doughnut (or a funnel cake) and you can't bare to bring yourself to the point of researching and preparing a fancy schmancy donut recipe?  I don't even have time to bake or fry things these days, but my ambitious daughter remembered one of more simple ways to get your donut fix on. (And I'm so glad she did!)

These easy-peasy treats are made with refrigerated biscuit dough (the kind in tubes that run less than 50 cents each -- generic works fine).  Skip the jumbo ones, butter-filled kind, or flaky versions. You want the plain ol' cheapo, homestyles for this gig.

Make these easy fried donuts using prepared dough from your grocer's fridge section!

Separate the biscuits, setting them out on a cutting board, and use a round, circle object to punch a whole through the centers.  The top of a baby bottle works well for this. Or use a tool designed specifically for removing the centers of cupcakes for fillings like this one.

Save the middles; these will be your donut "holes".

Now, get a frying pan or skillet real hot with vegetable oil (medium high heat is perfect). Test to see if it's ready by pinching off a bit of the dough and tossing it in.  It should sizzle and get golden brown, but not too dark too fast.  If it's ready, start placing your donuts in one at a time and begin frying them on one side (about a minute) and then poke them with a fork to flip them to the other side.  When done, they should be puffy and golden crisp on the outsides.

Make these easy fried donuts using prepared dough from your grocer's fridge section!

Set them on a paper towel to drain, then quickly dip them in a bowl of white sugar, confectioner's sugar, or a mixture of cinnamon/sugar (like we did in the photos.)  You can eat them right away, as hot as you can stand it!

Do all the donut holes last. You'll want to really watch these because they cook fast!

Have you ever made these easy donuts?  What's your favorite thing to dip them in?