Got $.99? Give a Gift of Feeln This Mother's Day

Streaming video is pretty much where it's at, and I have embraced this trend wholeheartedly.  In fact, watching a flick with the kiddos is a sure-fire way to get them to do ANYTHING, from cleaning their room to just stopping their rough-housing.  When it comes to finding quality, family-friendly stuff to watch, however, the challenge is definitely there.

I tried out the new Feeln service from Hallmark earlier in the year, and -- at the time -- I didn't have any spare moments to watch the many quality films they streamed.  Now that I'm focusing more on family time, however, I've happily restarted my service and have already enjoyed a few quality films with the kiddos.

What is there to watch? The line-up changes monthly, but it is a mixture of fun documentaries, Hallmark original movies, some dramas, kid flicks, and even edited for TV versions of some more mature-rated films (Good Will Hunting without some of the bad language, for example.)  I sat with the kids and watched one of my favorite movies of all time: The Wizard, starring Fred Savage and Christian Slater, and my kids LOVED it.  In fact, they got a little crazy and started playing vintage Nintendo games for about 2 weeks after.  They are still singing the old Mario Brothers theme songs.

What makes this a good Mother's Day gift?  For one, it's affordable.  For just $1.99 a month for an annual membership, you can watch all the movies featured, including some very engaging "shorts" designed to give you "the feels" in a way that movies are supposed to.  And if the kids walk in during any of the films you watch? That's OK.  Feeln guarantees that all of their carefully selected titles meet these 2 criteria:

  • Anything you watch on Feeln must have an uplifting story with extraordinary writing, acting, and directing. It must be so well-crafted that it moves, delights, or inspires — and stays with you long after the final credits roll. 
  • Every movie should be one that you want to watch with everyone in your home. Maybe you loved it as a kid, maybe you want to share it with your own kids — or maybe it just makes you feel good. For all these reasons, and more of your own, it’s a movie that you’ll want to experience over and over again – together.

Since we spend so much time with our kids, it only makes sense that our entertainment welcomes them with open arms.  I know that it's nearly impossible to truly get away to watch anything these days; accepting that I'm a Mom, and having entertainment on that doesn't get in the way of my parenting is a truly revolutionary idea that Feeln has made possible.

Wanna Watch?  Just check out this short movie below!

A waitress serves a very special customer. Generosity when we have much to give is difficult, but generosity when we have little is righteous.

Wanna Save? Use code 0515BlogSally to get 50% off original price of an annual subscription to Feeln! That's just $.99 a month for quality entertainment!

Remember, this is streaming entertainment.  You can watch it anywhere on your smart phone, tablet, PC, Mac, or Roku.  Even if you only have a few minutes to enjoy, there is something for everyone on Feeln.

*One year service received to share. Opinions are my own.