Grab the Sleek Look with Schwarzkopf Essence ULTIME Omega Repair & Moisture Daily Oil Elixir

There is one look that I go to almost every day that I'm home: the ponytail.  When I'm out and about or at an event, however, I usually try to take up the level of my look to something a bit more polished.  That's when I try to fashion a sleek pony, which is a bit difficult with my dry, brittle, and often damaged fine hair.

Since using the Schwarzkopf Shampoo and Conditioner every day, however, I've noticed my hair is just much more manageable and healthy looking.  One other tool that has helped me over come crazy hair --  so that I can pull of something sleek -- is the Schwarzkopf Essence ULTIME Omega Repair & Moisture Daily Oil Elixir.

This daily use product is a rich, nice-smelling oil that you can apply every single day.  Just a few drops smoothed along your hair can bring extra shine to your look!  This is appropriate to use every single day, as it is not heavy.  It is an oil, so you will need to wash your hands well afterward; I always have some oil residue on my palms after applying.  The result is a very smooth and healthy finish to your look.

Even below, after just hopping out of the shower and not doing ANYTHING to my hair, I can see the difference.  I can't imagine what I could do with some more time and attention.  A sleek pony that wows is definitely in my future!

Like all the products in this line, it is a professional quality product, and it's available at Walmart for just $6.97! (You can also purchase it online and have it shipped for free on orders of $50.)

If you are looking to boost your look on a budget, I can't recommend the Schwarzkopf products enough.  They have been life-changing for this rural gal with a very lazy hair routine.  If you spend a lot of time on your hair, I'm guessing you'll see even more amazing results!

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