Lift it. Hold it. No H20 Styling Spray from Schwarzkopf!

My limp, flat, and fine hair has really seen a turnaround since I started regularly using Schwarzkopf products. (You can read about my shampoo/conditioner, serum, and oil experiences here.)

But I had yet to do any "styling". You see, even though I had a shiny head of hair now, it was still tucked into a messy bun or pony for most of my cooking, writing, and gardening sessions.  Having my hair down and styled seems so impractical when I'm doing diaper duty most of the day.

I was excited to give the ULTIME Biotin+ Volume & Texture H20-Free Hair Spray a chance, however.  It was a spray, so how hard could using it be?

I took my washed-last-night hair, which had been slept on wet, and I combed it a bit before curling the ends and giving it a few sprays with the product.

My word.

This stuff is AWESOME. No stickiness, you can still run a brush through it.  No gunk in your curling iron.  No flakes.  But it totally lifted up my roots and sealed my curled ends really well.

This is probably going to be my always hairspray.  It smells nice, and it leaves my hair shiny, too.  Even on the most humid day of the year, it has managed to keep my curls and volume in play now 4 hours later.  (Even as I sit here typing with -- you guessed it.  The messy bun.  A girl has to garden, you know?)

This spray is available, along with the rest of the Schwarzkopf line, at Walmart for the unbelievable price of $6.97. It's salon results for the budget-moms paycheck!

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