Review of A+ Interactive Math Curriculum

Math has been a bit of a struggle for my kids this past homeschool year. It's not that they don't enjoy it; they are very good at it. We have just felt stressed by the number of workbooks, teachers books, and worksheet packets that I've had to keep track of for 5 different levels of math in one household.  Unlike other subjects, that I've been able to teach multiple children at one level, math is an area where each kid really is learning at their own pace.

We gave A+ Interactive Math a try over the past month or so, and it has really made the process of teaching and learning math pretty much effortless.  The kids each have their own login for their own grade level on the A+ Interactive Math website; our Family Math Package allows up to 10 students, so it easily accommodates my 6 kids!

A+ Interactive Math Review

Setting up each student is very simple, and they each get their own user name and password.  From the main screen, they "launch" their lessons, and from there, they select the lesson they are currently working on in the left-hand side of the screen.  If they've already done a lesson, it will show "completed", so they won't accidentally do the same lesson twice.

Unlike other programs, however, they are allowed to move on to future lessons, even if they haven't completeled them in order. I find this to be very useful when a group of lessons (skip counting, for example) are mastered early, and my kids grow tired of learning what they already know.  I can also go back to the lessons that my children didn't do so well on , and have them rework them in front of me so I can get an idea of what they might be missing.  (Note: It's important that you train your children early on how to finish a lesson and mark it "complete".  If you don't, they could end up redoing the same lessons on accident.)

Following each short lessons (which usually includes some animated teaching and a few understanding questions) is a QA to test for understanding. I like the format of these lessons, because it allows kids to repeat questions as many times as needed.  This is good for my one son who has a hard time with auditory learning.  The screen also demonstrates what is being read, which is a big help to him.

A+ Interactive Math Review

The grades go from 1st grade all the way up into highschool Algebra; you'll need to choose one grade level for your student at the beginning of the membership, although it's easy to change grades if you figure that it's not the right level for your child.

Would I recommend it?

I would recommend A+ Interactive Math for big families, families with multiple grade levels, or for children who struggle with being consistent about math.  It was very easy for my kids to learn their logon info and go straight to the computer each morning to do their math.  Lessons are short enough that you can do 2 lessons at a time, and kids don't tire easily of this curriculum.  The parental dashboard lets you see student progress at any time, and there are even worksheets you can print out for each level, giving kids a chance to do more traditional math practice -- and keep their handwriting sharp!

One thing this program offers is responsive teaching to each individual child. So, even though there is a certain number of lessons for grade 1, for example, it will adapt to that child's learning needs to reteach material as needed.  This is a very seamless process, so you won't exactly know when it's being done.  I like this, because my son hates to repeat things or feel like he hasn't mastered something.

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What does it cost? 

This program is regularly priced at just $15 a month for one student (or $75 per year.) You can go all the way up to 10 students in a family package for $100 a month (or $360 a year.)

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A+ Interactive Math Review
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