Review of Privileged Species DVD from

As a Christian homeschooling mom, it can be very frustrating finding science DVDs and documentaries that I can share with my kids that don't require me to pause the title, explain why we don't believe what the documentary is teaching, and then hope that my kids glean enough out of the rest of the film to have enjoyed it.  Our worldview has been poorly represented in the past via films, but not anymore.

When our family was introduced into, I was excited to see so many films that I would love to watch with my kids.  All of them seemed to fit into the way I wanted them to see the world.  We were delighted to sit and view Privileged Species with all of my children. While it was recommended for the older kids, we really found it to be appropriate for all of them (even if some of it went over their heads a bit.)

Geneticist and author Michael Denton narrates and stars in this film that seeks to answer if we were some accidental result of years of randomness and evolution, or if we were specifically made to enjoy a planet (and an entire universe) that was designed specifically for us by a caring and detailed God.

From the beginning of the film, I could tell that this was going to be a technically challenging title.  I was able to follow along, even with a very short science career in high school.  The film introduced some high-level chemistry concepts, and did a pretty good job of explaining them quickly so that the narrator could go on to show how the most indisputable scientific facts not only give permission for humans to live and thrive on the Earth (as opposed to some groups who think humans are overpopulating the planet and could even be perceived as a nuisance) but actually prove that God created the planet for human life to enjoy.

The elements of carbon and oxygen, as well as water, are all studied as evidence to the nature of God, and how he crafted our planet to see multi-cellular organisms (such as the human race) live well and thrive.  

My kids were engrossed in this movie, which was a brief 33 minutes.  We would have liked to see even more insight into each of the topics that were discussed, especially since so much of the learning overlapped with my children's physics and chemistry learning.  

This video is a great way to get your kids talking about our purpose in the world, and how we have been placed in an environment that is suited just for us.  We were able to have my son (aged 11) and daughter (aged 16) write essays on the proof they saw in the film that shows we were created intelligently by a God that loves us.

The DVD, just $9.99 at, is aimed at older kids and teens, but younger kids may enjoy it as well.  (Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions, as it is addressing higher-level science themes.)  Just one of many films offered on the website, it's a must-have for any Christian parent wrestling with the lack of Biblically-based science films in the typical educational forum.