Show Mom You Love Her with The Top 5 Must-Have Mother's Day Gifts for 2015

As a mom, I feel blessed to have 6 healthy kids, a roof over my head, and a career -- along with a husband who loves me very much. But I can't lie. These products have gotten me VERY excited for Mother's Day.  If you can't tell, I kind of have a thing for tech, so this year's gift guide is a bit heavy on the digital.  But everything is fabulous.

You've been warned.

See my favorite picks for gifting mom this year below! I honestly would have been delighted to have received any one of them from my family!

1. AwoX SmartCOLOR Control Bulb ($100) - Cleaning the house, working out, or even just hanging out in the family room will NOT be the same after putting this clever gadget to work in your home.  The BlueTooth enabled speaker is actually part of the bulb.  So you can simply screw the bulb into any standard socket and enjoy cool, color-changing LED lighting AND audio streamed from any Bluetooth® device.  I love to use my smart phone and the free AwoX SmartCOLOR Control mobile app to pump tunes into any room where the bulb is turned on.  You can actually turn the light portion OFF and still play music (or vice versa).

Get extra funky with "Disco" mode, which changes the color of the lights to the beat of the music!  This energy-saving LED bulb stays cool and takes tunes to a truly portable way of life. (I'm thinking of getting a second one for my bedroom!)

2. Language Learning (starts at $6.95/mo) - Most moms I knew wish they could speak a second language, but who has time?  I learned a year of Danish in college, inspired by my Grandma's heritage, and I always wished I could have taken more. is the closest program I found to learning in person, as their speech recognition ability gives excellent feedback and allows for real-time instruction! Since many language software options  don't include Danish, I was very happy to see that is is available, along with 13 other languages (including Turkish and Indonesian.)  Getting started is free, but I'm sure you'll find yourself committing to the 1, 3, 6, or 12-month subscription is not an issue at all.  It's addicting to learn another language -- and so much fun!

3. Stem Innovation’s IZON View Wireless Video Camera ($99.95).  This small, non-intrusive wi-fi video camera gives you access to a live video feed via your smart phone (Android or i0S!). With noise and motion alerts sent directly to your phone, you can use this wireless camera for security just to keep an eye on your pet, The streaming peace of mind that this camera offers is easy to set up and comes at a great price, too!  The motion-activated features lets you have it on only when you need to, and it's pretty slim, so you can hide it somewhere sneaky and out of view.  It was just the thing we needed when we were away from home and hatching baby chicks! I love the smart phone interface, as it takes just minutes to set up without a computer. Did I mention that it also works IN THE DARK??  There are so many uses for this camera; Mom is sure to love it!

4. Fiskars PowerGear2 Pruners ($24.99) - It doesn't matter if you have small hands or weak hands (like me), these pruners have actual "gears" in them to give you maximum force with the smallest exertion.  With very sharp blades, ergonomic handles, and durability that resists rust and dulling, these were a welcome addition to my gardening and yard arsenal.  Now, if I can just keep my husband from taking them all the time!  (Do I see a Father's Day gift in the near future?)

5. Fiskars Tag Maker ($29.99) -  If you like to craft, give gifts, or just look fashionable when you organize, this IS the Pinterest-worthy gift you've been waiting for.  Available in four different designs, the Tag Maker is the perfect tool to make DIY, customize-able gift tags, completely with eyelet.  The possibilities are endless!  It's a gift that creates gifts. What can be better than that? (And since it punches up to 80-lb stock paper AND has a lifetime warranty, this will be making a LOT of labels.)

Which gift are YOU most excited to see on this year's list? (I was fortunate to try samples of all 5 products.  Raving opinions are my own.)

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