The Season of the Snake -- NOT My Favorite Time of Year!

One thing I love about living on a farm is all the wildlife! The birds, the rabbits, the deer.. they are all part of my childhood and still hang around our homeplace today.

One creature I can not even deal with, however, is the snake.  I know that it has benefits to my farm, including pest control. (And I'm lucky that I don't have any this big on our place.) But I also hate being surprised by them!  I can't handle them slithering over my feet in the tall grass or the garden.

I'd much rather see them out in the open, like this, where I can CHOOSE to get near them or not.

My kids had a good time closely studying this garter in our fire pit this past week. His tongue was out almost the whole time, giving the boys a chance to really see what happened when they sensed with them.

I stood back a bit, however.  I don't know that I'll ever quite get over them!

Are you a fan of snakes?  Or do you choose to keep your distance.. like me?


  1. I clicked on the link in this post and saw those pictures of that HUGE snake, the rattle snakes, the snakes eating quail, etc. but the worst part was the last line of that post. It read, "Good or bad, snakes are just part of life on a rural farm in Georgia." I live in GA less than a tenth of a mile away from a rural farm and if I EVER see snakes like that in my yard, not in cages at the zoo, I will die. I think they are beautiful, useful creatures but I do NOT want to be anywhere near one!

  2. LOL. I thought the same thing! That big black snake in the tree made me want to throw up. I might never had visited GA if I thought they were everywhere like that.


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