Wanna Spin? Help Kids Find Their Creative Side with the New Crayola® DJ App!

My kids love apps that can be played on the Android system, especially my Samsung Galaxy 5s. It's so portable, and so they love loading the phone up with things they can take on the go that challenge their little brains, but that are also super fun.

The new Crayola® DJ App totally meets those requirements.  The game lets kids act as a DJ, spinning and creating tracks that allow for a completely different play experience each and every time.  Kids can experiment with pop, fusion and many more styles of music, slowing down and speeding up tracks, adding sound effects, taking the tunes an octave higher or lower, or even adding additional drum sequences.

The music lover in me could spend hours playing with this app, but it's really about the kids.  In fact, this musical app has so much learning potential, that I have no issue letting them use additional "screen time" to use this.  Parents should know that a high-quality app like this will use up some memory on the phone or device, so be sure you get rid of all those awful selfies and give kids the space they need to explore.

If you have a few kids who can't decide who plays first, just let them use the two-player mode.  They can compete for points by coming up with the most creative ways to spin!  I can see this as a great way to pass time in the car this summer on your next really long drive across country.  (Just bring a pair of headphones, and your kids can give you some peace and quiet while they jam!)

This app is available NOW for just $4.99 on the Google Play store.  Look for it to hit Apple devices around June (for the same great price.)

Thank you to Legacy Games for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own.