Whip Up Something Volumous with Schwarzkopf

I haven't used mousse on my hair in years.  From what I remember of using it, my hair was always left flat and crispy when it dried.  When I was able to try the new Schwarzkopf Styliste ULTIME Biotin Volume & Texture Superb Volume Mousse, however, I knew it was probably a game-changer. Every other product I've used in this line blew me away with the gravity-defying effects it had on my hair.

And I was right...

To really see how this mouse can lift, hold, and bring amazing texture and volume without "crisp", you have to see what it did to my son Micah's hair.  We often mousse his hair when he wants his curls to stand out.  He doesn't in anyway need volume, but you can see he got it, anyway!


As you can see, just a handful of product produces big results! It lifts layers, brings attention to your hair's natural definition, and really brings a boost of bounce! I only wish I had hair this curly to try it on!

Using it on dry hair (like we did with Micah) is just as effective as using it on wet hair, which is great for when you want to give you hair a lift in the middle of the day and don't have time to wash. I think this product will come in most handy when I want to go curly for the day with a curling iron or perhaps when I want my straight layers to stand out.

Long day, no styling, just a little mousse....
It's also great at taming frizzies and bringing out the "best in your hair" -- no matter what texture or volume you happen to be born with.  Like all the other awesome Schwarzkopf products available at Walmart, this Mousse is just $6.97.  Find it in-store or order online at Walmart.com! (See what we thought of FIVE other Schwarzkopf products here!)

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