5 HOT Father's Day Gift Ideas for the Hard-Working, Homesteading Man

My husband works so hard around our 4-acre farm. When he's not working on the cars, he's tilling our large gardens, building new raised beds, mowing, repairing the coop, playing with the kids or helping in the kitchen. He's a regular do-it-all kind of guy!

I know that I could give him something sweet or sentimental for Father's Day, but the best way to show him I care (or at least what I've learned from 14 years of marriage) is to give him the tools to do his work with less effort and better protection.  That's why I've picked out my favorite products from Walmart that I think shows our love to him but are up for the task of a hard day's work. All are designed to make the hard work better, so he has more time and energy in his life for the adventures he lives with our kids every day.

Check out some of our favorite products -- and memories with Dad -- below:

1. Banana Boat SPF 30 Sport Lotion (in-store only on Rollback for $5.94). I am always harping at my husband to protect his skin while working outside! He has a dark complexion and doesn't burn like I do, but I can already see signs of sun damage that could turn into a health problem later on. Because I love him (and he has 6 kids that need to keep him around a long time) we insist on sunscreen.  The sport lotion isn't just great for kids at the pool, it's perfect for dads who sweat and get grimy during the course of their day. Staying put for hours is the sign of a good sunscreen!

2. Bomp Pops ($2.47 in-store on Rollback). What better way to stay cool and hydrated during a hot day's work than with a frozen treat! These classic favorites are adored by my family, and we like to keep some on hand in the workshop deep freeze so that we can reward hard work with a fun way to cool off.  Dad loves them, too!

3. Max Performance Work Gloves ($9.97 a pair in-store and online). A hard day's work can be ended suddenly if your work gloves aren't up to the task. That's why my husband likes to keep several durable pairs on hand, in the house, in the shop, and in the truck.  And since he works with different materials, having a few colors on hand for different tasks ensures extra safety and cleanliness.  These particular gloves have padded palms for comfort; at this price, we can definitely stock up!

4. OFF! Deep Woods Bug Repellent Spray ($4.97 on Rollback in-store).  Mosquitoes and ticks are no joking matter, and it's not uncommon for my husband to come inside after working late to find dozen of the little blood suckers stuck to his shirt!  To make sure these dangerous critters stay outside and away from the kids, as well as keep them from making anyone sick, I stock cans of Deep Woods OFF! where husband can use them before working in the tall grass or cutting wood near the tree line.  Safety first!

5. Johnson & Johnson Red Cross, All-Purpose 125-piece First Aid Kit ($9.47 every day in-store and online). Finally, even with the best intentions, accidents do happen.  Or aches and pains will pop up. (We're not young anymore!) Having a well-stocked first aid kit in the shop and all the work vehicles ensures that minor injuries can be dealt with appropriately and hubby can get back to work. It's amazing what having some supplies on hand will do for his productivity!

My husband has always been an involved father. Whether he's changing diapers, carving pumpkins with the kids, or just changing the oil on the car, he's dependable and hard-working.  This year, if you have a hard-working dad who you love, consider giving gifts that help him help you!  Find even more gift ideas at Walmart.com!

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