5 Reasons to Grow Clover In your Yard -- Instead of Grass

My husband came to me last year with a crazy experiment.  Let's plant clover in the front yard.

I was confused. Surely, he didn't mean the clover that grew wild all over my yard growing up in rural Nebraska. The same clover that was treated as a weed is not what he is referring to.. right?  As it turns out, clover is gaining in popularity as a legitimate ground cover for yards everywhere.  And my husband's idea was actually a quite brilliant one.

Here's why...

1. Clover is beautiful.  You haven't quite experienced summer the way it should be until you look out over your yard and see wave after wave of clover.  White, red, purple, or whatever you choose, the clover has a distinctly classic look and brings a pop of color and beauty to yards.

2. Clover is easy to maintain.  Since I grew up thinking it was a weed, it must have been very hard to kill.  This is great for home owners who don't have time or money for pristine, chemically-treated lawns.  You can let it grow and grow, and it needs mowed less often since it keeps a low profile in the lawn.

3. Clover is eco-friendly.  You can't use chemicals on clover, so it's a perfect pick for organic gardeners.  It also uses less water and has the ability to pull nitrogen from the atmosphere and fix it into the soil, so fertilizer is not needed, either.  As my friends in California struggle to maintain yards with a water restriction and are considering plastic grass, isn't it nice to know that a natural, classic option can be good for the environment, too?

4. Clover attracts bees.  It also brings 'round the butterflies.  And moths.  Heck, it is pretty much the star attraction for all the pollinators in the yard.  This is good news for those with gardens and orchards who are feeling the pinch caused by a decrease in these flying friends over the years.  Plant clover in your yard, and give bees and butterflies a safe place to hang out and eat, far away from dangerous chemicals and pesticides that are causing their populations to dwindle.

5. Clover works well with kids.  While it doesn't stand up to high traffic -- don't use it instead of a sidewalk -- it's perfect for days filled with kickball, picnic blankets, and running through sprinklers. Clover is soft, doesn't stick up far, and acts as a soft cover for the ground. Your kids can make the kind of memories I had growing up. Just don't tell them that it was ever considered a weed!

My geese have a thing for this sweet and juicy plant, too! If your just starting your clover, be sure to keep farm fowl away and give it a chance to grow.  Your clover should come back thicker each year!

Looking for the clover we have in our yard? Here is a white variety of clover that is very hardy!


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