Bringing Baby Outdoors with the Right Essentials This Summer

We are a pretty active family. We practically stay all hear on our 4-acre farm, playing and working all day and into the night. Our baby accompanies us on our tasks, too, so we often carry along a soft blankie and some essentials so that he can observe while we do our thing!  Not only is it convenient to have an "essentials" pack with us (sometimes we just put it into a little sand pail), but it ensure that he has everything he needs to be comfy and healthy during the summer days.

One of baby's favorite places is the orchard. There are lots of new trees and a few big ones that we lay the blanket out under for him to play and rest on.  Keeping an ample supply of Luvs diapers on hand for quick changes, as well as something to drink is super important -- especially when the weather turns warm!

Manny often goes from playing to resting; you know how babies can be!

We really appreciate the days when it's a bit overcast and there is a cool breeze to help him relax.

Walmart currently carries all of our baby essentials, no matter what the day's activities look like.  With Luvs diapers on my little guy, the new Avent bottles that he adores when I'm not available to nurse, and Similac Advance Stage 1 Infant formula for babies who need supplemental nutrition, it's a one-stop, summer shop for busy, active families!

What "essentials" are you sure to keep on hand this summer? If you can't make it in-store, you can always order your favorite baby gear items from!  (We love that they offer free shipping on orders of $50+ for most of our baby shopping items.)

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