Celebrate McFarland USA out on Blu-Ray and DVD with a Tamale Recipe!

My family is just so in love with the new movie McFarland, USA.  Put out by Disney, it stars Kevin Costner and is based on a true story.

The movie really challenged my family to think about other cultures and the gifts that we are all given. I'll admit that it even had my kids thinking about how they can work harder, and that we have it pretty good in our comfortable lives.

The story is a saga of boldness, courage, and hard-work that results in one of the first cross-country running teams going on to do big things -- despite the obstacles of living in a resource-poor immigrant community.  It really helped us to understand what the "pickers" of that generation faced, and how we really need to step in others' shoes to know what they are going through.

If you like sports, family-friendly tales of bravery, and the brilliant acting of Kevin Costner and Maria Bello (who does NOT get top billing in this film, but should), you'll be in for a treat by watching this with your family, which is out NOW on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital format.

Speaking of treats... our family LOVES tamales! Here's a tamale recipe to enjoy with your family! (Just "click" to download!)

*Screener received to review. Opinions are my own.