Day 7: My Journey to End Dark Under Eye Circles with Solutions 24 Clinical

I told you last Friday that I was trying a new product to try to get rid of the tired, dark pigment under my eyes.  In addition to having really thin skin that appeared bruised all the time that -- combined with my freckles -- made the dark spots appear larger than they were, I was also having some sagging and lines.  The Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Circles Corrector Stick wasn't specifically designed to handle the latter two issues, but I have seen a little bit of improvement to all three!

The first two days of using the product, I had a little irritation because I was washing my face too harshly and then applying the product. I had actually broken my skin a bit during the scrubbing, and the "coolness" of the product caused it to feel icy. I changed over a more gentle face wash (I actually use a sensitive baby wipe now) and then allow my face to dry completely before using the product.  I have found it to be very gentle and invigorating without any redness or stinging.

The darkness is still under my eyes, but the area is much smaller now.  I used to have a dark circle from one side of my bottom lid to the other.  Now, the darkness is pretty much concentrated to the inside portion of my under eye area, nearest my nose. (It's like watching the moon change phases!)

I keep using it two times a day, and I also keep it with me in my purse.  When I find my makeup to get a bit smudgy under my eyes, I wipe it clean with a baby wipe and reapply the Solutions 24 Clinical Correcting Stick and a bit of foundation for a touch up.  You could also apply right over your makeup, but I'm trying to keep my skin from being damaged by sun, so I try to keep that order to the layers so that the sunscreen in my foundation stays put under my eyes.

Day 1

Day 7
The picture above is at exactly Day 7, and after a LONG day of being in the heat and shopping. I also had less than 5 hours of sleep the night before, so my eyes are baggy.  This is the worst my eyes could possibly look, and I'm actually very pleased with how the area under my eyes is about 25% lighter than usual. (Note: If your car gets hot or you are going to be outside a long time in the summer you'll want to leave your corrector stick at home. My started to "sweat" a bit today, with a little dripping happening from inside the stick. Keep your Solutions 24 Clinical Products cool, ladies!)

I'm looking forward to seeing how much better they can get in weeks 2-4!

Stay tuned for updates, and check my first post if you want a refresher on what this product line is about (or need solutions for puffy eyes and dark spots, too.) And you can find all three items at your local Walmart or NOW for under $13!

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