Easy Piano Basics Lessons from JazzEdge Review

I love playing the piano. I've played since I was little, and I had every intention of teaching my own kids to play, as well.  The issue is that I have very little time, and I am not very good at teaching the very beginnings of the lessons.  Taking things down to a basic level eludes me, and my kids grow impatient with my attempts.

That's why I was very happy to try out and review the Easy Piano Basics Lessons from JazzEdge.  These video-based courses made getting my kids started very easy. I really didn't expect them to take to it as well as they did.  Here's why we loved the courses:

1) The videos are in succession, but you can go back and review at any time.  Also, if you have multiple kids taking the lessons, there aren't any lessons that are "locked" or unable to be accessed.  We logged in and were able to see all of the lessons, and just allow the kids to progress at their own pace in order, without stress. This is our laid-back method of teaching at home, so we really appreciated the style here, as well.

2) The videos can be viewed on a mobile device, PC, or downloaded for off-line viewing later.  As homeschoolers who are on the go and never know which device will be free or charged, this was a blessing.  No iPad around? We could use an Android device.  Only have the laptop free? That's OK, too.  If the internet was going to be offline for a bit, we could view the downloaded lessons just as easily.  Planning ahead makes this work better, but "take it as you go" families will really love the format.

3) You don't have to have a piano to play.  A 60+ key keyboard will work, also.  The lessons are even adapted so that the teacher explains the differences.  If your child has a keyboard, they may not see middle C in the same place, for example.  The lessons are done very well for piano or electronic keyboard.

4) The teacher is awesome.  I love how easy-going he is. There is no stress to these lessons, but they are taught with the expectation that kids will practice daily and move ahead.  I really liked how piano theory was explained from the very beginning, as well.

5) My kids are learning!  Yes, even the little ones (who watch over the shoulder of the older ones) have learned basic skills.  The older ones are doing so well, and they love their lessons.

The format for the video is very user-friendly; as you can see from the photo at the top of this post, the screen shows the teacher's keyboard, a digital computer keyboard with lit-up notes, and the teacher's face.  All of these visual components make sure that the child is learning to his or her specific learning style. Even my slower learners who aren't yet reading proficiently could learn to read notes and start playing on their own.

This program is designed for kids ages 7 and up. It's also perfect for adults.  If you have an eager younger learner, however, you could go through the lessons with them.  I think that once kids can sit still and follow directions they are ready to start some basic piano lessons.  This is the perfect way to get started if you have no experience with a piano yourself, or just feel that teaching your own kids is a challenge.

The Easy Piano Basics Lessons are all available for a one-time fee of $59.99 (normally $69.95).  You don't have to pay monthly memberships or buy more than one set of courses for your children.  A one-time payment gets you access to all the courses (downloaded, if you want), as well as the printable sheet music that you can use with some of them.  As someone who remembered paying hundreds of dollars over the course of a year for my weekly lessons growing up, this is a great value, in my opinion.