For Small Yards or Large Acreages: We Test Drive the Cub Cadet XT2 Enduro

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Cub Cadet. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

We've been BIG Cub Cadet fans for as long as I can remember. Our favorite riding mowers is a vintage one that we use for EVERYTHING. I admit, however, that the chance to test drive a brand new Cub Cadet was an exciting opportunity that I couldn't pass up!

Here I am, taking the new XT Enduro Series mower out for a spin at my local dealership. It was hot that day, but the comfy details of this mower really made mowing seem like less of a chore. I can imagine that some cold iced tea sitting next to me in the cup-holder could keep me out doing work on our 3.8 acre farm for quite a while.  There's just so much to do when you have a homestead!  And because Cub's have always been dependable, I know that this new model would give the tough weeds a run for their money!

Now, you can have a chance to see the power and comfort of a Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series mower for yourself.  Their Welcome to Strongsville Event makes it easy to pop into a dealer, ask for a test-drive, and witness the easy driving of one of these mowers.  The people at the dealerships are so friendly, too!

What can you expect when you drive one?  How about amazing cutting performance from a stamped and fabricated cutting deck made from super-strong materials and a belt that stays put when you mow.  You can also get extra performance by using their baggers!

Since these machines have corrosion protection, you can expect a body that lasts a long time.  The E-Coat process ensures that rain or shine, your mower won't rust or rot.  And even if you haven't driven a mower before, the easy handling of the Cub Cadet XT Enduro Series Lawn Tractor is not intimidating, at all!

What do you think? Is there a Cub Cadet XT Enduro in your future? Test drive one today!