Fun and Flexible Summer Learning with Brain Chase

We've told you a couple times about how excited we are to get my son started with Brain Chase here on the 22nd.  It's a program that we've been looking forward to, because it has so many reputable components, it's fun, and it's super flexible.

For busy families -- like us -- there really is no product or program that will work if it's not flexible.  We travel for work, vacation, and activities.  We have a huge garden.  We take care of my Grandma, and we work full-time jobs.  But there is always time for learning, provided it fits into our crazy lives, and my super-ambitious son finds it challenging enough..

By registering for Brain Chase, your student is committing around 5 hours of focused educational activities each week for five weeks. That's probably far less than they spend playing video games, and a fraction of what they'll spend watching TV or going to the pool.

The web-based curriculum works on any device with a high-speed internet connection, and works with any updated browser.  (You'll probably want to use it on a desktop or laptop for writing assignments, but much of it can be done with a compatible tablet.)

And, because things happen (like sickness, unscheduled chaos, or everyday life), the Brain Chase program gives kids a chance to catch up on previous weeks' work -- they just can't skip ahead.  Learn more about how flexible Brain Chase is on their blog!

My son is so excited about this program... Micah (below) will be 12 this fall, so the timing is right to do something like this.

Here are a couple more exciting updates to what I've already shared about this program.

1. They have a new Teacher referral reward program! For each student that a teacher refers to Brain Chase, they'll get a $15 Staples gift card! Just have your students enter your name in the referral field when they register, and you'll be closer to free classroom supplies this fall!

2.  They now offer a premium membership!  If your kids like "merch" (as my daughter calls it), you'll love that the price of $249 includes an adventure backpack, t-shirt, and patch -- all branded with the program's logo.  Additional premium packages (for other siblings) are just $149.  Not interested in swag?  You'll still get the additional child discount for the regular membership ($199 for the first child, then $100 for each sibling after.)

My kids have limited video game time in the summer, so they crave time in front of the screen. With the Brain Chase program underway soon, I feel better about letting them play online.  I'm still trying to decide if I'm signing my son up for the writing program or the language program (they use Rosetta Stone), and I'm really excited to have him do math through Kahn Academy!

Get more information on this exciting program (and the $10,000 prize that someone will win this year) at the Brain Chase website.

 *This post was written in partnership with The Motherhood and Brain Chase. Opinions are my own.