Get Gluten-Free, Raw, and Organic Goodies with the GRO Sampler Event and Giveaway!

I'm so excited to share a very neat way to learn about and experience new products that your family may not know about.  All these items are unique, solve a problem that is common for many families, and are super delicious.  I'll be telling you a bit about each of these products in detail below, but first, you need to know about the events surrounding these super products, in which you could score free stuff for yourself!

RSVP to Win

You could win a very cool gift basket full of the products we tell you about below.  You just need to register for the #GROWeek event to be eligible.  It's hosted on the GRO event Facebook page starting TODAY, and by RSVP'ing, you are in it to win it!

Also, by signing up for the giveaway, you'll be "in the know" for the sampling events I'm about to tell you about.  You'll get the exclusive calendar with the dates that each of the sampling events are taking place, so -- even if you don't win -- there's still lots of opportunities to get free stuff.

To RSVP, head over to the GRO RSVP tab on Facebook!

Wish For It

After “RSVP’ing”, you will get access to that events calendar I told you about, and you'll want to keep this in a safe place for the duration of the week.  You can go “Wish For” the product samples that you would like to receive!  You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest so that your friends will know about the event, too.

Why is letting your friends know about it important? Because the free samples can only be requested to be sent to friends.  If you want to get some goodies for yourself, it's best to team up with a friend, so that you can request samples for each-other! 

Sampling Events and Flash Giveaways

Now that you've RSVP'd and Wished for It, it's time to get the goods! Starting on June 8th, the sampling events will take place.  You can then start sending sample requests for your friends.

Also, there will be "flash" giveaways taking place all over Facebook.  Each brand will be sponsoring prizes at various blogger Facebook pages during the week, with the date and time to be a surprise until just before the event.  Be sure to keep your eye on your inbox and this blog for our Flash Giveaway! (HINT: Follow us on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #GROWeek -- We'll be announcing each of the events when they happen!)

Now, on the the brands.  We had the privilege of trying many of these products, and can vouch for their awesomeness.  I can guarantee that a prize or sample from them will be welcome in your home. (Click on the brand name link in each product description to get more info on the sampling event!)

Back to Nature is an amazing selection of cookies, trail mixes, snack crackers and more that your whole family will be sure to enjoy.  There is no artificial preservatives or flavors, no high-fructose corn syrup, and no nonsense in these products.  This was a big hit with my family, who all enjoy different flavors and textures. Visit the Back to Nature website to learn even more about what good stuff they offer!

VeganSmart has a variety of Vegan products that would be perfect for the on-the-go family who needs a great all-in-one nutritional shake that meets their vegan needs.  I appreciated that these were low calorie and yet delicious.  The simple flavors like Chai, Vanilla, and Berry made them easy to incorporate into my existing recipes, or enjoy by themselves.  I really liked that they were chock full of nutrients!!  Learn more about all their options on the VeganSmart website.

Bakery on Main is the breakfast food for my gluten-free friends.  I love every one of these mixes, which are so delicious, you don't need to be on a GF diet to enjoy it!  The crunchy nuts, crispy bits, and sweet fruit pieces are amazing, and with natural hints of flavors like orange and honey, it's great to eat right out of the bag.  Find out more about all of the options at the Bakery on Main website.


Explore Asian gives you noodles without the carbs of typical pastas.  I love that they have high protein content and iron, too!  The noodles are made of rices, veggies, and gluten-free ingredients for full flavor and an al dente finish.  Yummy with all kinds of sauces, I'm so excited to discover these!  See the full offerings at the Explore Asian website.

Chicpea & Lentille Cheeze Puffs pack a lot of nutrition into a great-tasting snack. Made with chickpeas and lentils, the puffs contain 50% more fiber and 50% less fat than regular cheese puffs. Chicpea & Lentille use only the purest non-GMO ingredients with no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They are free from gluten, dairy and common allergies. Only the purest natural ingredients are used in these puffs. Get more info on these amazing snacks at the Chicpea & Lentille website.

The Green Lid (Canada only) is an alternative to stinky, messy countertop composting.  Just fill the Green Lid composting container, replacing the reusable lid throughout the filling, and -- when it's full -- put the disposable lid on and put the ENTIRE container in your compost bin. It's super, eco-friendly!  Learn more at The Green Lid website!

Now, head on over to RSVP for all these cool products right now!!

*I'm working with the GRO Sampler Event, but opinions are my own.