Nice Shot! Our Visit to the Daisy Airgun Museum (Rogers, AR)

My boys are like any other farm boys; they love guns! And while we strongly emphasize safety and common sense with any firearm, we realize that air guns are a good "beginner" gun to teach them the ins and outs.  One brand that has had a legacy for our family is the Daisy.  My husband had a few hours to burn while I was on a business trip in Rogers, Arkansas, so he took 3 of our boys to have a look at the Daisy Airgun Museum.

The museum had so much to look at. My boys couldn't get enough of the displays, the signs, the actual guns, and the accessories.  (And my husband may have come back with a few things, too.)

Manny seemed to really like the carpet at the entrance of the museum.

Just look at the history!

Daisy was the manufacturer of the famous "Red Ryder" BB Gun (you know, the one that is
mentioned so many times in "A Christmas Story" movie?)  Getting a Red Ryder is a rite of passage for so many boys -- and girls!

This museum is located in the brick-paved historic sector of downtown Rogers in a building which, itself, dates to 1896. The Museum is supported solely by admissions, donations, gift shop sales and sales of special limited edition collectibles. They have a wide selection of gifts, accessories, bb's, guns, and more for fans of all ages!  There are also several interactive learning activities and displays for families to enjoy.

The sign says "Don't touch", but we can pretend!

We can't wait to go back and bring the whole family! You can plan your visit by checking out their website or on Facebook! Or shop online with them.