Old Fashioned DVD Review

Have you heard of the movie Old Fashioned?  It came out the same weekend as one of the most popular movies to hit theaters (it was "50 shades" of popular with many women.)  But I was rooting for Old Fashioned to perform better; even before seeing it, I knew it was more in-line with the kind of healthy relationship I wanted to see celebrated on film.

Old Fashioned (now out on DVD) is a challenging but beautiful film that follows a quiet and polite antique shop owner as he rents out an upstairs apartment to a single, pretty girl who seems to have a carefree demeanor.  She struggles to understand why he chooses to be so "old fashioned" -- refusing to be alone with her in a room, not kissing before marriage, or choosing not to "date" in the traditional sense.

As their relationship develops, he lets down a few guards, and she starts to trust this man who seems to have no good reason why he is still single.  Further into the film, we see that he has a dark past that he struggles with, and this is what they must overcome to stay together until the end.

As someone with a past, who was NOT a Christian growing up, I found the film to be a bit painful at times.  It's hard to know in our hearts that we are forgiven by Jesus for anything we ask, but the messes that continue to pop-up (also known as "consequences") in our lives can keep us apart from him.  This film will be a reminder to those of us who have found forgiveness that it's always available.  It's a great lesson for those who don't understand why purity is important before marriage, and it does a better job than some other "purity-driven" messages that seem to ignore the reality of how hard it really is to be different than the world.

I watched this film with my husband and 16-year-old daughter, and -- while I think it's a great film for teens to watch -- be prepared to address some of the very tastefully handled sexual situations that are implied but not displayed.  It got a bit uncomfortable at times because of this.

I would also encourage you to watch the film, even if you don't believe in, or are exclusively supportive of, courtship.  Anyone who agrees that our children just need a better option than serial dating, sex, and heartbreak will find value in this flick.

Old Fashioned is out on DVD now! You can purchase it here.  Learn more about the film on its Facebook and Twitter pages!

Many thanks to Propeller Consulting, LLC for providing a screener to review. Opinions are 100% my own.