Review of the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal from Apologia

There is a common misconception that homeschoolers don't go anywhere, and that they are always at home.  If you've followed any of the homeschool blogs of people I know, however, that is in no way true.  We are always on the go, and many of the daily activities that we do would be considered a major field trip if done at a public or private school!

One way we make sure that we are giving our kids official school credit for our daily adventures is by tracking it in a notebook.  We were given the opportunity to review the Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal from Apologia Educational Ministries recently, and it's been an easy and fun way to record what we've done.  This is important for tracking purposes but it also helps us keep our memories in a nice place for looking at later!

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

So, what kinds of things can you put into this journal?  Everything!   You can put photos, notes, or very thin memorabilia (like flyers or brochures). It's essentially a scrapbook of learning opportunities!

We also appreciate that it's organized so well. I'm not an organized person, so seeing that it includes both summary pages for a list of all your trips and the dates you took them on (both by your state and for other places), as well as detailed nature study pages, makes me feel better. I know that by filling out the book, we are covering all our bases for required reporting for our state educational department AND we won't forget our exciting adventures.

One thing that I think makes it even better is that it can be used for all kids and for many years.  You may fill up one book per year if you travel a lot, but I think most families can use this year after year, simply adding on documentation as they go.  Can you imagine how full a book like this can get for a large family who homeschools over a number of years (like us!)

With high-quality paper (it's very thick), bold and beautiful color photos and text, this is more than a record-keeping tool; it's a treasured addition to your family's legacy that I can't imagine going without.  Since I don't scrapbook and am very poor at putting memories in anything but a box for later, this motivates me to put our educational adventures at the forefront of our mind.  And the kids love flipping through and reminiscing, too!

There is one other purpose that I think you should know about, and that is the "inspirational" feature.  There are probably things you are doing every day that you haven't thought to record.  Just sitting in the backyard looking at birds, for example.  With 100+ ideas for activities and trips in your local area, it's also great for families on a budget who can't necessarily travel far.  It's the perfect way to see how you can squeeze all the educational value from the places you visit on a regular basis! And I think that has value that you just can't measure.
Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review

The book is available at the Apologia Educational Ministries online shopping website for just $22. Visit the store page to see samples of this amazing book! (And be sure to read what other parents thought of this resource below!)

Exploring Creation Field Trip Journal Review
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