What Does It Mean to Work At Walmart?

It's no secret that I'm a Walmart mom.  I help review products, learn about the company, get feedback from my readers to share with management, and work with them regularly to make the stores a better place for shoppers.  But what about the associates?  Sam Walton felt that people were the number one most important part of his company.  How does that look today?

Well, I've never worked for Walmart, so all I have to go off of is what I hear when I'm in a Walmart store.  I remember that my favorite cashier just got promoted to associate manager of produce last month.  He was so excited!

I've seen people with special needs doing fulfilling work and helping people in the community every day.

I am amazed at the charities that Walmart AND the associates give money and time to each year, many of which help other associates and their families.

If you've been hearing the news, you know that Walmart has raised wages for associates to stay ahead of the trends toward a higher minimum wage for retail associates. Specifically:
"Current and future associates will benefit from this initiative, which ensures that Walmart hourly associates earn at least $1.75 above today's federal minimum wage, or $9.00 per hour, in April. The following year, by Feb. 1, 2016 , current associates will earn at least $10.00 per hour." (Press release.)
As someone who has always worked my way up in any company I've been a part of, it's nice to see that Walmart promotes from within. (Just look at President and CEO Doug McMillon, who started as a cashier so many years ago.) In fact, 75% of U.S. management teams started in an hourly role!  See Doug's letter to associates outlining the changes to benefits and opportunities, or see the infographic below:

But let's see what Walmart associates have to say about their jobs:

To learn more about the improvements Walmart is making in the benefits, pay, and opportunities for their associates, visit their press page. (And if you have questions you'd like me to take back to Walmart, you can ask those here, too!)

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.