5 Easy Ways to Implement Fun Summer Learning This Summer

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Carson-Dellosa. I reviewed the free content on their website to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. 

We don't let up with our homeschooling when summer comes along; we just try to make it more fun and relaxed.  One way that's made it easier than ever to get each of our Pre-K and elementary-aged kids some extra practice with essential skills is the Carson-Dellosa website, which allows you to sign up for free activities, printables, and lessons to use with your kids.  In fact, just 15 minutes a day of using these free materials can help prevent "slippage" in skills mastery that is common during the summer months. (84% of teachers say that they notice learning loss with students upon their return in the fall!)

What can kids and parents look forward to on the website?  These 5 easy and fun tools, for starters:

1.  Printable worksheets. Printables are a hot item for homeschoolers and public/private schoolers  alike.  They are simple to store on your computer and print out for later.  Print off an entire stack of free worksheets from the website and keep them on hand when your child gets bored or for long car rides.  We even have a few that we take for the waiting room at the doctor's office!

2.  Computer games. My kids are always asking if they can "play their time", which usually means they are looking to get some computer or video game action.  Since I'd rather they not just mindlessly stare at a screen, the free games provided on the Carson-Dellosa site are a breath of fresh air.  When the kids play, they are actually learning something!

3.  Sample books.  Reading is one of the most effective ways to increase learning potential in children.  We encourage 20 minutes of reading a day, and the free sample books on the website give my children new materials to enjoy!

4.  Fitness drills.  Kids might play outside all day, but giving them specific and easy "drills" can help them with coordination, strength and overall health.  The monthly learning calendars on the site include weekly physical activity suggestions, like shoulder shrugs and touch-your-toes!

5.  Hands on creative activities.  Build a bird feeder or have a picnic!  These are just two of dozens of ideas presented on the website's learning calendar for July.  Do a different activity with your kid on each day when you find yourself with a little extra time or the need to connect as a family.

With standards-aligned resources and hundreds of reproducible activities, all the children in your family can spend time learning together!  What's your favorite way to teach your children during the summer? Will you sign up for free access to the Carson- Dellosa website?