Baby Gear That's Made in the USA -- Now Easier Than Ever!

There is so much talk about baby gear that is fashionable, eco-friendly, supportive of woman-owned businesses, and all of these are worthy and noble social value shopping criteria, but what about those of us who care for USA-made products, too?

Now, it's pretty easy to shop American with all of the new products hitting store shelves at your local Walmart.  Some are items you are already shopping (like the adorable NUK pacifiers.) Others have been specifically added because they support Walmart's goal of sourcing more American-made products in the next few years.

As you may remember, in January 2013, Walmart announced it will buy an additional $50 billion in U.S. products in 10 years in an effort to grow U.S. manufacturing and encourage the creation of U.S. jobs. It's been two years, and things are going really well!  Just see what Gerber and NUK are doing.  Their line of sippy cups, baby food bowls, bottles, and pacies are assembled in the U.S. and are helping to support local jobs.  

Not only are there positive economic results from buying American-made, but there is a positive ecological result, as well.  Products made here have less to travel to make it to the point of sale, which means less fuel is used.

You can find an assortment of Gerber and NUK products in store and online at  Look for more USA-made baby gear to hit store shelves soon -- like spoons!

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