Baby Growing Up? Meeting Those Milestones -- for Less!

I cannot believe how fast baby Manny is growing. Our last little guy is going to be 2 years old very soon, and while I'm missing the tiny baby months, I'm also very proud of all the new things he's doing!  We recently went to a well baby visit, and the doctor and I discussed his new milestones and all the ways that I -- as a parent -- can support his new developmental goals!

One of the ways that we've been encouraging him is with his eating.  "Being a big boy" means self-feeding appropriate foods that are both delicious and healthy.  Even on his pickiest days, we have had great success with the Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts.  His new favorite variety, the Banana Vanilla, have just enough sweet and easily dissolve in his mouth.  They are one of the snacks we keep on hand both at home and in the car for easy, mess-free treats.

And while he's not quite 2 yet, we are familiar with the Pediasure line of products designed to compliment whole foods to ensure proper nutrition, even when your toddler isn't being cooperative at mealtime.  I especially like the new chocolate and vanilla Grow & Gain drinks. When the little ones are having a hard time with their appetite (like when they are sick), I can have them easily drink on of these in a sippy or big kid cup for a filling way to keep them going.

While Manny isn't quite big enough for this drink, it didn't stop him from trying to sneak his brother's bottle.

Both of these products, along with Huggies Little Movers super comfy diapers for kids on the go are available at your local Walmart and at every day low prices that feel good on the budget.  Order them to be delivered to your house, and skip the shipping charges on orders of $35 or more!

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