Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with Shari's Berries!

Today is National Ice Cream Day! July 19th is widely recognized in 2015 as a day to get out the good stuff and enjoy a scoop (or two or three.) We had a fun ice cream sundae party with the kids, featuring a homemade rum butter pecan ice cream, as well as a homemade all-natural vanilla bean cream.  My husband and the kids made both with their hard work; one of the ice cream machines was a family heirloom so much physical labor was required.

Check out how delicious the make-your-own sundaes ended up.  The kids chose toppings like sprinkles, caramel, pineapple, and our favorite topping of all: Shari's Berries Summer Scoop Berries. These have chocolate and white chocolate coating with nuts or sprinkles. They are divinely perfect for hot summer days!

Everyone was really enjoying this cool treat, especially since the heat index here in my part of Nebraska has been over 110 degrees!

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*Berries received to try. Opinions are our own.