Day 21: My Journey to End Dark Under Eye Circles with Solutions 24 Clinical

We are continuing our 2x daily regimen of using the Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Circles Corrector Stick!  I have to admit that I was seeing some amazing results, and then I got sick. I got a little lazy about my routine, and I didn't see any progress during the time I didn't use the product. In fact, I think my eyes got a little darker during the 3 days I couldn't use the product.  Upon starting it up again, my eyes were getting back to their new normal... smaller areas of darkness under the eye, and a little less puffiness.

Here is my Before and After, using the product for 21 days, with a brief interruption this past week.

I'm pleased that even on the days that my eyes are their worst (after a poor night's sleep or allergies, for example), I can put the stick on anytime and anywhere, and I usually see some small improvements right away.  I know that they seem less tired right after I use the product.

It's really hard to show what I'm experiencing, especially since I wear light makeup during the day. I'm pleased to say that, with makeup on, I have NO noticeable under eye circles, compared to before using the product, where -- even after caking on undereye foundation -- you could still see some slight discoloration.

My overall appearance seems less tired looking! You can see the entire journey of how I started using the product, in this brief video, as well as my original post.

This product is available at Walmart for an affordable price -- under $13!

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