Day 28: My Journey to End Dark Under Eye Circles with Solutions 24 Clinical

I've been using the Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Circles Corrector Stick for almost a month now.   I can safely say that it HAS improved the dark circles under my eyes.

As I shared in past posts, I did have a bit of a break from using the product (about 2-3 days) in which my eyes got a bit darker during that time, so I started it aggressively again soon after. I loved how my eyes looked and felt the first week of using the product. I wanted those same results back again!

Fortunately, this product is a no-brainer.  It's easy to apply; just put it on the skin under your eyes -- either under makeup (such as you would after washing your face in the morning and at night) or you can choose to put a layer on over your makeup.  Since poor sleep and allergies has brought new challenges to the tiredness my eyes have shown, I've decided to do both.  I highly recommend buying two sticks if you want maximum results; this way, you can keep one in your purse or to-go bag, and one in your bathroom at home.  (Not having them both places is what led to that brief time of not using the product. I was ill and having a hard time remembering my routines.)

At the very budget-friendly price of less than $13, however, you can totally afford to splurge on two and guarantee no interruptions in your "dark circle defeating regimen!"

This product is one of Walmart's most innovative offerings yet, because it's the kind of quality you'd expect from a department store product -- but the price, people! Ordinary moms with troubles sleeping and allergies and all can actually afford to use it every day.  And the same stick I started with on Day 1, is still very full. I think I can use it 3-4 times a day and still have it around for 2 months!

Should you ever stop using the Solutions 24 Clinical Dark Under Eye Circles Corrector Stick? Not unless you like dark eyes.  I really can tell when I fall off the wagon, so to speak, so I'll keep it around in my routine. Plus, it's so easy, and it feels so cool and soothing on my skin. Like a spa in a tube!

See my before and after for the whole 28 days below. (Note:  I had foundation on in the top photo for Day 1 and you can STILL see where I get dark on the inner bottom under-eye area. There is no makeup on in the 2nd photo. Because I actually feel OK not wearing it all the time now!)

You can see the entire journey of how I started using the product, in this brief video, as well as my original post.

This product is available at Walmart for an affordable price -- under $13!

Using it is as easy as 1....



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  1. OMG I need this! I always look like I have black eyes without makeup!

  2. If you're willing to use it every day, it can really make a difference!


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