Review of CursiveLogic

We were excited to review CursiveLogic with my 5th grader who hadn't had much of a "formal" cursive training. Handwriting was never a problem for me growing up.  Now that I'm raising five boys, however, I see that it is a challenge for many students -- mine included.  Moving them from printing to cursive is even more difficult. The CursiveLogic workbook we received contained all that we needed to implement a consistent yet simple approach to learning. No additional teacher's manual was needed!

Here's what you can expect when using CursiveLogic to teach your child to write:

1. Learning is easy, because letters are grouped together by similar shape.  The entire lowercase alphabet can be separated into four basic shapes.  Children learn each shape and what letters are made with that shape. This helps them make a connection in their mind as to how to draw each letter without straining to remember 26 different letter designs. How clever!

2. Letters are "connected." Writing individual cursive letters is difficult for my boys. Since cursive is a flowing "string" of letters, it only makes sense that they learn letters in a connected format, as well.  By learning the letters with a similar shape together in one "string" they are mastering the fluid movement of cursive handwriting and remembering how to create similar letters. Each of these strings are color coded for easy recall.

3. Catchphrases are taught to help kids remember.  "Verbal task analysis" is simply saying the same thing each time you write a particular letter or set of letters. And it works!

4.  Kids write real words from the beginning.  What's more encouraging that writing actual cursive words instead of nonsense or individual letters for weeks and weeks?  Learning real words is part of the program from the very first lesson!

CursiveLogic is an amazing tool for both students who have never tried cursive and for those (like my boys) who dabbled with is and had poor results in the past.  This program is effective, efficient, and affordable.  Pay $29 for this combined workbook/teacher's manual