Review of Kiwi Crate Create Monthly Subscription Service for Kids

We love monthly subscription services -- especially the ones that facilitate fun learning activities with little to no prep on my part.  This month, we had the joy of learning all about Kiwi Crate, a monthly box of projects with a unique them each delivery!

We received our baking themed kit and we picked a day when I was working around the house to have him do it.  We had my 11-year-old supervise and help. I loved that each project came with a guide that explained what to do, all the materials to do it, and recommendations for additional learning activities.  We immediately picked the project that required the least amount of adult help (this is clearly indicated on the project guide.)  Marcus had a blast decorating his own chef hat and apron!

He also got to "bake" a cake made from foam and clay. The "icing" actually came in icing bags like a real baker would use!  He had the most fun doing this project.

 Making a bit of a mess was the best part! (And Kiwi Crate thinks of everything. There was a mess-mat included to use as a work surface.)

The box that our shipment came in even had a fun purpose. We could turn it into a pretend stove with the included accessories and directions!

I can't say enough about the value this kit gave our son. It's perfect for bored weekends, summers, or for a fun break from structured homeschool work.

You can learn more about Kiwi Crate via their website. or check them out on Facebook! Prices start at $16.95/crate and includes free shipping!

Creativity kits for kids! 
*Sample crate received to try out. Opinions are our own.