You Know You're From a Small Town When... (4th of July Edition)

I live near a town of less than 1800 people.  I grew up just two houses down from the small acreage we live on.  And really, not much has changed since those days.  In fact, my kids are celebrating almost the exact same kind of Independence Day I did as a kid!

What's NOT changed?  Well, you know you've made it to a rural Nebraska 4th of July when...

There are more old pickups and tractors than floats in the parade.  Yep, we saw at least 3 dozen pickups, heavy machines, and tractors.  We saw less than 5 floats! Those we did were essentially trailers pulled behind -- you guessed it -- pickups and tractors!

The kids can drive.  If a kid is old enough to reach the pedals, they are driving something in the parade.  Don't ask me how this flies.  It's just a farm kid thing.

Kids come for the candy, so horses go last.  We all know what horses leave behind, which is why they are last in the parade.  Because no one wants their kids bringing home mini Tootsie Rolls with horse stuff on them....

Your old classmates are in town.  The 4th is one of the only days I see the kids that grew up in my neighborhood, and they're back visiting their folks with their own kids.  Some of them are still blowing stuff up with fireworks and scaring the old people (just like when we were kids.)

What fun traditions do you have for the 4th?  My daughter made this amazing cake she found on Pinterest.  We watched fireworks on someone's porch we did not know.  We ate grilled meats and had a great time.

We hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend!!