5 Ways to Back it Up for Back to School with SanDisk and Best Buy

I had something horrible happen to me this week. My computer hard drive crashed, and I lost a lot of stuff.  I had some things backed up, but -- as many busy moms will admit -- it had been awhile since I had updated my backups.  That's why I am making it a priority to store all the data we need at our house from all of our devices.  SanDisk has made it super easy to do so with a complete line of ready-to-go, plug and play products for the entire family.

You can use these to back up your:

Digital Cameras: Get those photos off your camera's memory and onto a spare SD or microSD card.  It doesn't matter if you have a small point and shoot or a big DSLR.  The right memory card can prevent file corruption and ensure a reliable way to store photos for the short or long term.

Video: Whether you have a stand alone video camera or choose to use your DSLR, having a card that can handle the action is essential.  Get hi-res 4K Ultra HD and Full HD video for sharing on YouTube or in your own professional edits.  With transfer speeds up to 60MB's, videos can be extra sharp in no time!

Mobile Devices. Yes, you can add memory or back up your smartphone, tablet, and action cameras with SanDisk cards that are 10x faster than typical ones. Add more apps, music, books, and movies to enjoy on the go; they are the perfect way to expand the functionality of your device beyond the memory it came with. They'll also help you have a more responsive camera function and prevent "lag" in mobile games.

Apple Devices.  The USB for iPhone and iPad lets you transfer data between devices and gets all those photos and videos off your handheld so that you can get moving on with your life.  Lightning fast transfer means no waiting around for files to move.

Android Devices. Get a dual USB and do the same kind of file transfer as you can for Apple.  Waste no time or device memory!

Here's the best part: SanDisk offers so many choices that it can be overwhelming. They do have the perfect product for your needs, but -- to be sure you pick the right one -- Best Buy offers a handy reference tool to get you started.  Just visit the Best Buy SanDisk buying page for more info on the right product for you.

Now, go back up everything before we all really get busy with back-to-school. I don't want you to lose all your precious data (like I did.)

*The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free