A Pen that Writes Chocolate? New Product From Candy Craft at Walmart!

Last month, I was able to get a sneak peek at one of the products that I think will be a hot gift this holiday season. Available at Walmart, the Chocolate Pen from Candy Craft lets kids do what ever creative things they want to do with yummy, gooey, chocolate!

We took this pen out for a test drive with my 11-year-old. It's designed for kids 6+, but there is a bit of parental involvement to get it set up. My son helped me from installing the batteries, to the final step of eating the chocolate!

How did it work? Watch the video below to see how we turned colorful chocolate into little works of art.  It's definitely a cool little toy, one that will inspire creativity in kids.

With the ability to draw free-hand chocolate designs or fill pre-made molds to make their own cute chocolate, the pen is really only limited by skill (it does take practice) and imagination.  Chocolate refills will be available at Walmart, as well, giving you unlimited ways to enjoy this pretty decent tasting candy!

Keep your eye out for this fun toy, set to hit Walmart stores and Walmart.com soon! It's priced at $29.93. 

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