DINOTRUX are Here! Get printables, trailers, and more!

We have been anxiously awaiting the arrive of the new DreamWorks DINOTRUX series to Netflix, and today is the day!  We got up early and binge-watched several episodes because, well, it's just an engaging show. My boys, ages 2-10 were all completely taken aback by the music, characters, and animation.

The show combines the best of two worlds: trucks and dinosaurs.  Here's the storyline:
When an erupting volcano forces Ty, an enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex combined with a megaton excavator, to flee his home valley suddenly, the tough but charismatic hero finds himself charging into an unfamiliar crater full of his favorite food: ore. But the new landscape holds even more wondrous discoveries: other species of Dinotrux, a race of resourceful reptiles combined with hand tools called the Reptools, and a territorial bad guy with a nasty temper named D-Structs who lives by a very simple credo: “I don’t share.”
The show is exciting, fresh, and captivating to kids of all ages -- but especially for those who crave adventure. My 5-year-old was jumping up and down the entire show because he found it to be intense (but not too intense.)

Wanna See?  Check out the opening credits (with very cool theme song) below, then head over to Netflix and watch the show with your kids!

Wanna Play?  Download these Dinotrux Printables and Coloring Sheets so that your kids can keep the fun alive, even after they've watched all the episodes.

Visit the official Dinotrux website, as well as their Facebook page, to learn more about this exciting new program!