Easy Veggie Pizzas To Go and a Chance to Win from Pearls Olives!

Olives. We love them at our house. I hate, however, dealing with the jagged edges of a can or draining off that olive "water" that they come packed in.  So when Pearls came out with their Olives to Go! product, it was perfect for our on-the-go homeschooling family.  We have since been loyal customers of their product (adding them to our weekly Walmart shopping list), and we enjoy them in many ways!

First, the obvious: recipes.  Anywhere you would use canned olives, you can easily use the Olives To Go!  Since they come in several varieties (our favorite is the whole black olives), you can add them to salads, party trays, pastas, and more.  I love them with my Easy Veggie Pizzas that are perfect for packing in lunch boxes or taking on the road.

To make them, simply cut french bread into rounds, top with pasta sauce, the meat of your choice (optional), and fresh cut veggies.  Add some Pearls Olives before topping with cheese and placing under the broiler for about 2 minutes.

 Our favorite way to serve them, however, isn't with anything at all.  When the kids are playing hard outside all day, it's usual for me to send out a pack of the Olives To Go! and give each child their own.  With no juice, it's the perfect finger-food. They rarely stop long to devour them.

Whether you're eating them ala carte, or putting them in your favorite foods, we give these tasty olives our highest marks! You can find them in whole black, sliced black, kalamata, and pimiento stuffed -- in the olive aisle of your local Walmart.

What fun ways can you think of to incorporate this gluten-free snack into your child's day? Lunches are just one way we've used them. Can you think of more?

Wanna Win? Pearls Olives To Go! is giving away $50 to spend at Walmart to help you pack your lunch bags in style this school year.  Be sure to check out their promotion on Facebook today! Maybe you'll be a winner of #PearlsLunchMoney!

*We are happy to partner with Pearls Olives on this sponsored post. Opinions are always 100% ours -- including our passion for olives!