The Best Snacks for Perfect Pit Stops on Your Snackation

One of our favorite parts of any car trip are the stops. We have discovered so many amazing places by just stopping off randomly during our journeys so that the kids can stretcher their legs and fuel up with a snack.  When we can, we like to use the rest stops on the interstates that have parks, places to walk, and lots of room to run. This is when we lay out a big blanket and let the kids get some exercise in between snacks.

Since the snacks have to provide energy, be tasty, and fun to eat, our road trips usually include peanut butter -- like that purchased from Snackation Destination -- Walmart!

It's easy to take a plain loaf of bread, some Jif products and a little creativity to make a snack plate kids can't leave alone.  Simply take a rolling pin and "flatten" several pieces of whole-wheat bread, then spread with one of the many yummy spreads before rolling up and cutting into little pinwheels.  Setting these out with some fresh fruit (like bananas) really impresses the kids, and is a great way to incorporate whole wheat breads (which is something my kids don't naturally gravitate to.)

My three youngest boys really took to this snack idea.  I had to tell Marcus to stop eating so fast!

Remember, you can find all of the items needed for quick, road-worthy snacks for your kids at Walmart.  Just check the shelves for our favorite new foods, including an amazing Chocolate Cheesecake Hazelnut spread and the always-popular Jif To Go Dippers with pretzels!

Where do you like to snack on your vacations? Will you be certain to make it a Snackation, too?

Thanks to the J.M. Smucker Company for sponsoring this post and helping to inspire our next trip. We look forward to sharing our adventures with you, and opinions are 100% our own.