The New Exclusive Dyson for Big or Small Jobs is Here! Meet the V6 Slim

I know I need to vacuum more; one look at my floor, covered in pet hair, cereal, and who knows what will show that. The issue is that our vacuum is stored in our broom closet, in the laundry room, behind several boxes, and it requires me to lift like a superhero, drag it down a narrow hallway, and find an available plug in. Sure, these are not life-threatening issues, but they sure are inconvenient. And when you're trying to decide whether to vacuum or do any other easier household task, the vacuuming will almost never win.

We had tried an early model of the Dyson Slim a few years back. It pretty much changed how I vacuumed, especially in tight spaces (like under my desk.) Things have changed, however, and a new and improved Dyson is here. The V6 Slim model that's exclusive to Walmart includes so many upgraded features that I can't believe how I was vacuuming before.  It now has:

  • 20 minutes of run time (less than 7 on BOOST)
  • Improved suction power
  • Easy to clean head brush (see how easy it comes out, below)
  • Quick in/out filter 

I almost always run it on the BOOST mode, which gives me more suction, but less run time.  Since I'm not tripping over cords, however, I can get my living room, hallways, rugs, and my dining room done in that time. I also don't have to move furniture, because it has such a slim profile.

I've been using it much more on my hard floors, as well; it just seems easier to suck up dirt from the mud room rather than get out the broom and dustpan. It also works pretty well on upholestery; my microfiber couch is finally free of rat terrier hair...

My kids can vacuum now, too, and -- while I don't have stairs -- this would be easy to take between floors. The only thing that needs to be consider with this model is that it requires you to depress the power button for the duration of your vacuum session. If you have a hard time with finger dexterity or hand strength (common in the elderly or those with arthritis), this could become a challenge.

Cleaning the filter is as easy as pulling it out, rinsing it in water, and allowing it to dry for 24 hours.  In that time, you can be sure that your vacuum is fully charged, as well.  The hanging "charging station" mounts to a wall for storage of the vacuum and accessories.

No cords. A low profile. Super suction.  That's pretty much all we need in a vacuum, no?  Get this much-improved model at Walmart now.

Wanna Save?  Buy now at Walmart or until September 12, 2015 and get $30 off (Rollback price of $259)!

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