Under $20: Our Favorite Back-to-School Walmart Buys

Kids are so buy during the school year, and they all know exactly what they want.  We have been hard at work getting the kids situated in their new grades, getting the house in order, and making sure meals, homework, and chores are all running smoothly.  Part of making this happens involved a BIG shopping trip to Walmart.  We picked up a cartload of stuff, but there are some things that happen to be very special to our family.

Here are our favorite picks, and they are available in stores now!

My daughter picked up this No Boundaries Printed Canvas Buckle Flap backpack awhile ago, and it suits her personality perfectly.  It's just one of many designs, and the bag is priced right.  She makes it her own by putting on her favorite buttons and packing it with her essentials. It's an adorable alternative to a purse, and it washes up easily. This canvas backpack is just $18.88 in-store and online.

All kids need markers, and Crayola are the brightest and boldest!  They seem to last forever; in fact, my kids usually lose them before they ever wear out.  Priced at $.97 on Rollback (normally $2.47) you can afford to get the kids two or packages to last the entire school year. This price is good in-store only.

Sometimes, you just need a little boost in your diet and your day. We love taking a few of the Emergen-C 1000 milligram Vitamin C packets wherever we go to help with the vitamin, mineral, and electrolyte needs of a busy family.  With all the studying, activities, and general craziness, it's easy to mix up and it tastes awesome.  This fizzy drink is perfect for cold and flu season, when kids might need a bit more help with their immune systems.  A box of 30 is $9.97 and a great bargain; we've been adding these to our weekly shopping list for over 7 years!

Breakfast gets hectic for all families during the school week -- even when you school from home!  With all the Star Wars excitement happening, I couldn't pass up picking up this limited edition box of Star Wars cereal for the kids.  Since cereal is a treat around here, I knew it would last exactly one day with my family of 8.  It's a fun way to show your kids you're thinking about them, even if you don't have time for a home-cooked meal in the busy mornings.  (Cereal is priced at an everyday low price of $2.98 in-stores).

Finally, we love stocking up on these trendy composition notebooks. At just $.50 each (on Rollback), we can get a box full and have the kids write in them all year long! I can even give one to the little kids so that they can feel grown up!

See all the back-to-school goodness right now at the Walmart shopping hub. There are lots of good deals, Rollbacks, and clearance items to help you stretch your budget and make your kids school-ready.

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