Junque on the Green Summer 2015 - Master's Hand Candle Company

We celebrated the end of summer this weekend by briefly stopping by the Junque on the Green event at Master's Hand Candle Company.  This event was small, but we found quite a few fun finds! In addition to my husband picking up some roofing nails, I walked away with an authentic See N' Say from when I grew up. For $5, I had a memory to hold on to forever!

The kids also enjoyed shaved ice and free pumpkin cake.

It's these non-structured days out that I appreciate most. While we are very busy much of the time, my favorite days are ones that we just load up the kids in the car and drive to our nearest whatever.  In this case, we had some fun just taking our time looking at all the treasures and letting the kids run!

How did you celebrate the end of summer?