#LennoxArtProject - Meet the Robot Behind iComfort® S30

We are totally in love with how Lennox, the premiere heating and cooling system provider for homeowners. We also love how they support art. We also love that their iComfort® S30 is a wireless-enabled touchscreen thermostat is easy to use but gives you everything you want in temperature control -- and more!

In addition to "standard" thermostat features (like monitoring and adjusting your temps), it allows you to keep tabs on your system from anywhere you can take a smartphone, tablet, or laptop!  You can also get live weather updates and alerts to help you maintain control during uncertain situations.

Having trouble? Just set your notifications to go to your local Lennox dealer, so they can help -- even when you're out!  And when you're ready to come home, the system will use your GPS to have the temp all set by the time you arrive.

If humidity is an issue in your area, you can actually set it the "The FEELS LIKE™ temperature" takes the moisture into account to help you feel like you want to feel. "  And if people in your home suffer from allergies, use the Defender feature to monitor the air quality and pollen levels of your local ZIP code and automatically turn the fan on to clean your home’s air when you need it most!

Sounds pretty high-tech, right? Well it is. So high-tech that the message of high performance through tech couldn't be better communicated than with a robot!  Just check out this video on how the "Robot" --- the artistic message Lennox has been working on with talented artists -- was inspired and created:

If you are dealing with a typical thermostat, I bet you're curious as to how to upgrade to the Lennox iComfort® S30. Learn more at the website.

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*I'm so happy to partner with Lennox (a trusted name in HVAC) and Sverve to share this new technology and savings offer. Opinions are my own.   


  1. I love how the Lennox products are so "smart"... Pairing the iComfort with a robot is genius!

  2. Great technology. And the robot is the perfect pairing!

  3. This is pretty much the greatest invention ever.

  4. This is pretty much the greatest invention ever.

  5. Lennox really out did themselves with this invention.

  6. Great technology for getting the perfect environment in your home!!

  7. I am loving everything I am learning about this Lennox system!


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