Never Say No: Raising Big Picture Kids Book Giveaway

Parenting is one of the most challenging things I've ever had to do. I started when I was just 19, and I'll probably have a minor child in my home until I'm about 57! It has also been the most rewarding part of my life, as well.  I've grown so much as a person, and my family's companionship and love can't be matched by any other human relationship.

I'd like to say that I figured it all out on my own, but that would be a lie. I've often relied on Godly advice and the memoirs and tips from other, more seasoned parents to help me through.  One book that seeks to do both -- in a relaxed, nonjudgmental and honest way -- is the book "Never Say No: Raising Big Picture Kids" by Mark and Jan Foreman. You may not know them, but if you listen to Christian or rock music, you probably know their sons: Jon and Tim of the band Switchfoot.

The book, written in a conversational and humble tone, really did help me to see the long vision of parenting. It's a continual reminder that it's about the big picture.  Little things you do know really do affect kids later, but you have chance after chance to get it right. It was inspiring and gave me hope to grow and change in Christ, even as I stumbled through parenting.

Mark and Jan are of the age of the Baby Boomer. They relate pains and baggage that is unique to their generation, and many of them I can't relate to.  But they do also share some struggles that Christian parents of any age or geography can feel. Even those raised in a Christian home will question just how equipped they are, and will have revelations that may seem painful at times.  This is what kept me reading through the book, even when tales of youthful days in the 70's seemed foreign to me.

One thing that this book did do for me was give me a chance to reconcile some guilt I've had with parenting. I don't think any parent believes that they are doing everything right. It helped me to let go of some unrealistic expectations and just listen to God. He's always there, and He loves and provides for his children -- no matter how old they get or how many kids they have themselves!

As a mom of 6, this was a good read that I took my time with and digested slowly.  And while I don't approach life in the same way as Mark and Jan (I'm a landlocked Nebraska girl with no experience in surfing, the coast, California lifestyle or many of the issues of their generation), we share a universal prayer that our kids thrive in a relationship with Jesus. And that's so much more important than the details.

You can find this book at most Christian stores, or get it now at Amazon.

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