The Only Real, Frugal and Healthy Meal Plan You'll Ever Need

I love Pinterest, not just for its food inspiration, but it's sudden focus on doing awesome food frugally. If I can save money and feel good about what I eat, it's a win/win, right?

But let's be honest about some of the pins that are crazy popular on there right now. They focus on these sensational meal plans that claim to feed a car full of clowns on pocket change and good intentions. Most of them are highly impractical, or they assume things that the average homemaker just can't (or won't) do.

Does anyone else get frustrated with all the "Feed my family of 5 for under $250 a month" pins on Pinterest that: 

  • Count the exclusively breastfeeding baby as one of the five people (and the other two kids are toddlers or imaginary friends) 
  • Rely on the $1000 worth of food they have ALREADY stockpiled in the months prior to creating said meal plan or pull 40% or more of their fruits and veggies from things they canned so they don't count it 
  • Have the spouse and all the kids eat at school for free -- so that's one meal a day that doesn't count 
  • Consider lettuce or veggies with no protein or starch a meal (a complete meal)
I love ideas for frugal food plans, but let's be real: I'm a homeschooling mom with 6 kids! We work hard and play hard, so when it comes to food, it really needs to deliver.

Yes, we can some things and try to buy in bulk. We keep a side of beef in our freezer. But we also depend on delicious and easy-to-prepare foods that won't break our modest budget.  That's why I was thrilled to see the blogger behind, and dear web friend Jessica Fisher, came out with her newest cookbook. It's fantastic and perfect for those looking for real, authentic, and amazingly frugal meal plans.

The Good Cheap Eats Dinner in 30 Minutes (Or Less) book is packed with yummy stuff to feed your family, and each recipe is marked with important info at a glance to help you prepare food for those on a special diet. If you're looking for gluten-free, dairy-free,  or other "specialties," they are in here. (And there's plenty of stuff for those of use who aren't following any specific plan, too.)

This book is very popular and has been selling out, but it's back in stock October 1st. Put it in your cart, and come next month, you can start putting yummy stuff in your belly. You'll be glad you did!

Can't wait for the book to arrive. Check out this free meal plan with recipes from the book!

*Jessica sent me a book to review. It's fabulous. She couldn't pay me to say so. I've made the recipes and I can honestly say that it's super-duper!


  1. Thanks for sharing. The meal plan looks well thought out. I like the idea of giving a month grocery list so you can bulk shop at Costco. I have been using also and really happy with it. they only use whole fresh ingredients.


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