A Doll For Your Child to Admire: My Life As....

Dolls aren't things we really have much of in our home. With our only daughter nearing college, we are more likely to have sticks and stones lying around than pretty dolls. I do, however, love learning about all the new things for kids to play with, especially when they inspire good values and are affordable for all families!

"My Life As" Dolls are exactly that. Priced at $27.97 (just a fraction of similar-quality dolls) they offer inspiring stories for kids to choose from.  You can even pick their hair color and skin tone! These dolls do things real girls will want to do every day, such as taking care of animals, like the doll we reviewed...

The quality of these dolls is breathtaking. Our cousin (who collects the higher-priced dolls) was taken by the detail on the clothing, the dogs' collars, and even the fake fur-lined doll boots! I had comments on how soft and silky the doll's hair was, too. Every detail was perfect!

I'm happy to see so many accessories and outfits for these dolls, too. They are just the right size for active play, and they reinforce values we care about: finding your skills and talents, putting them to good use, and being kind in the process!

You can find these dolls at Walmart, along with all the accessories to create endless play. What will your doll inspire you to do?

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