Disney's Cinderella on Blu-Ray NOW: Get Printables, Games, and Crafts

I remember hearing the story of Cinderella all throughout my childhood. I also remember craving some kind of backstory. Who was this poor girl? How did she suddenly end up in an abusive home, scrubbing floors? Yes, I knew that she was an orphan, but how did someone old enough to marry a prince remain trapped by these horrible step-relatives?

The new version of Cinderella, now available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital copy is a stunningly heartfelt rendition of the age-old tale and it answered all my questions. I cried two times before she ever met her fairy godmother, it was so real!

Now, your family can experience the charm of what I think is the BEST version of the classic tale. Cinderella (played by the amazingly talented Lily James) shines in this movie that my boys thought they wouldn't enjoy, but they did so much!  It has drama, villains, heroes, and a very happy ending.

Be sure you check out this film and add it to your collection. It really is worth the hype, especially as it relates to the message of this film, which is -- above all -- to show kindness at every opportunity!

Are you a Cinderella fan? Want to do something extra special with the kids?  Check out the free activities below! (And be sure to visit CinderellaKindness.com to share your best words of kindness!)

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