Help Cigna and Samahope Deliver Healthy Babies

*I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for the Cigna Foundation, in partnership with Samahope. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I was a nervous wreck with the birth of my last baby, Manassey. Since it was my 6th (and final c-section), there were many things to worry about. I was always scared that too much activity could cause a rupture or harm to my baby. I had actually ruptured with my 4th, and we nearly lost him! I was uncomfortable, nervous, and ready for him to be born safely, especially since we were over an hour to the hospital and that was too long should anything go wrong.

Fortunately, I had one of the best doctors in the area, and he took every precaution to be sure my baby was delivered safely. I thank God daily that I have access to that kind of care, and it breaks my heart to think that others don't. In fact, when I hear about other birth stories that didn't turn out as well, I always wonder if some of the problems could have been prevented with the right care.

I'm not alone in my concerns. All moms worry about their unborn babies. Even those who have had 1, 2, even 6 kids -- like me -- get suspicious and try everything they can to protect their baby. It's what makes moms... well, moms!

The Cigna Foundation has partnered with Samahope to get people learning and helping so that moms all over the world can start breathing easy with the births of their own children. Access to clean, updated facilities is something we take for granted, but it takes funding to make sure it happens for moms in other places.

Cigna's focus has been on health for many years, regardless of race, gender, age or economics. By providing a Cigna Foundation World of Difference Grant to Samahope, they are doing their part to train and fund doctors and nurses in India so that people there get necessary health care.  In addition, Samahope's 10,000 Lives Campaign will specifically focus on women and children by giving birthkits to 5,000 moms and 5,000 babies to help them get a good start in life!

Photo credit: Samahope

The statistics are sobering: Every 2 minutes the life of a woman is claimed in pregnancy or childbirth from things that are totally preventable! The $5 it costs to buy one kit can go a long way to providing a safe birth, protecting both mom and baby in the process.

What's included in the kit? Sterile tools that will help a Skilled Birth Attendant do the job needed to keep baby and mom happy and healthy.

You can buy a kit and see two lives changed for the better. I bought a kit. Won't you?

What else can do so much for so little? (Note: The site was working slowly when I donated. Because of all the interest, you may find the same thing. Please keep trying until your donation goes through!) Thank you!!

For now, we are done having kids. But that doesn't mean that I can't play a part in delivering happy, healthy babies. When you think about the miracle of birth, and how just a few enhancements (such as sterilized tools) can make a big difference, it's hard not to want to help. With precious babies as the only (and best) way to start people.... it's perhaps the best way to change the world!