How to Save Money on Diabetes Care

I have been so blessed as to have good health. I do not have to personally deal with illnesses like diabetes, but I have family members on both sides who do. While I know that prevention is one of the best ways to ensure I don't develop it later in life, for those who have already been diagnosed, it's important that their management plan is both reliable and affordable.

Test strips are one of those components of diabetes care that can really add up. Buying box after box can drain a tight budget, and it's important that you follow doctor's orders and test as often as needed to ensure a healthy state. But that doesn't mean you can't choose which test strips or systems you use.  ReliOn has been manufacturing high-quality measuring units and strip kits and selling them at Walmart for years. As you can see from the cost ($17.88 for a box of 100 strips, $16.24 for the blood glucose monitoring system), they really do their part to live out their motto: "Live your best for less!"

ReliOn doesn't just want to save you money, however. They also want to make it as seamless as possible to manage your diabetes care plan.  That's why they have worked so hard to create a site that serves as a "hub" of information, inspiration, and support.

By registering on their site, your information remains private, and you'll gain access to recipes, informative articles, and tips for taking charge of your health. Find out if it's OK to drink coffee, how much exercise you really need, and what glaucoma has to do with diabetes. Even if your diabetes is in the very early, manageable stage, you can benefit from the delicious steamed artichoke and garlic dip recipe!

I hope to never have to deal with diabetes, but if I do, I'm glad that I live in a time when there are so many tools available to help patients live long and enjoyable lives.  People like my grandma, who checks her blood sugar, then calls me on the phone to tell me how good she's doing, are important to me and my kids. I need them around a good, long time, and I'm glad that companies like ReliOn and Walmart are helping to see that happen.

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