Introducing the Acer 11.6 Aspire R-11 2-in-1 Laptop at Walmart! (Chance to Win!)

If there's one thing I've learned from working at home and homeschooling 6 kids, it's that you do NOT have to spend a fortune to get good tech tools for your family.  Case in point: the Acer 11.6 Aspire R-11 2 in 1 Laptop (available at Walmart) is affordable enough to upgrade to new Intel technology the next time your find yourself frustrating with your outdated laptop.

Some of the cooler features of this Aspire include an 11.6” HD Widescreen with multi-touch display, a super convenient 360° dual-torque hinge (so you can flip it seamlessly between notebook/display/tent/tablet modes), and the beautiful Corning® Gorilla® Glass that helps keep smudgy fingerprints off and resists breaking. And if you're concerned about the little ones staring at the screen all day, parents can take comfort in knowing that it includes Acer BluelightShield™, which helps reduce eye-strain!

If this sounds like your kind of tool, consider entering to win one for your family! Just click on the image below, select the "Contest" tab, and then share how you'll use it! (You can ONLY enter through this window, but be sure to come back soon when we'll be sharing ANOTHER Acer giveaway!)

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  1. The image isn't clickable (for me).

    1. Thanks for letting me know. Are you on a mobile device? The only suggestion I can give is to make sure the page is fully loaded before trying, and click again. I have had issues on just one of my mobile devices, but not on others.

    2. My fault -- sorry! I had to turn off a policy request add-on. Thanks for your reply :)


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