It Takes #Just10 Minutes: America's Biggest Health Fair Oct. 10th!

Health is constantly on my mind these days, as I get older, and I start to think of ways to make my family healthier. In addition to making sure our health insurance meets our needs, that we have a stocked medicine cabinet, and that we are doing all we can to practice good habits, I also like to keep an eye out for opportunities to learn more and become an informed consumer.

Walmart's holding America's Biggest Health Fair on Saturday, October 10th, from noon to 4pm at more than 4,400 stores nationwide, and it's the perfect opportunity to further my goal of learning about my health!

Did you know? I takes just 10 minutes to do many of the most meaningful things to influence good health for a lifetime?  Things you can do in just ten minutes include:

  • Check your blood pressure. We keep a blood pressure cuff at home that we use regularly.
  • Take a multivitamin. This takes just 10 seconds, actually, and it ensures that we're getting all the extra nutrients we might be missing in food, such as iron!
  • Take a walk. Just a 10 minute stroll each evening helps my husband and I connect, discuss the day, and get our blood flowing. It's a great way to combat stress and increase lung capacity, too!
  • Get your eye glasses cleaned and adjusted. I just did this and was embarrassed at how dirty my lenses were. They were a little crooked, too! Getting a quick, free tune-up on my glasses really made a difference in how well I see the world now.
  • Drink a glass of water. I don't do this enough. How much water are you drinking each day?
  • Take some deep breaths. Turning off the screen, closing your eyes, and just breathing deeply can help you maintain your mood, posture, and outlook on life!
  • Learn about something new. Are you curious how you can improve your diet? Are you looking for the best ways to get more sleep? Reading well-researched articles and medical periodicals can give you insight into new things that may work for you. Take these new lessons with you the next time you see your doctor so that you can discuss if they are right to incorporate into your day!

Want to do more?  Attend America's Biggest Health Fair at your Walmart this weekend, and you can receive free blood glucose and blood pressure tests, vision screenings, free product samples, and information on the newest health insurance offerings!  There will be pharmacists on hand to answer your questions, and they can even get you caught up on your immunizations!

This one-day event is coming up soon, so be sure to block off your calendar for just 10 minutes to do something for your health!

As a participant in the Walmart Moms Program, I've received compensation for my time and efforts in creating this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.  Links to shopping sites may be referral links.